Digital Vibe Handy Massager
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Digital Vibe Handy Massager (Rs. 3,800)
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Digital Vibe Handy Massager

A beautifully designed Massager in the shape of the fish. It is a hand held massager in lightweight and small in size to be convenient for massage in any part of the body. It produces a strong vibration effect which penetrates deep inside the muscles and activates its cells.

The massager has three Replaceable adapters. Each adapter has its own uses and functions as follows :-

 Semi-circle adapter : - It has been designed to massage muscles and other soft parts of the body.

 Semi-circle with 5 beads in finger size: - It is designed to massage back-pain, Joints-pain, neck strain, etc.

 Semi-circle with 26 small beads: - It has been designed to massage head. (In case of acute headache only).

Moreover, it has an Infra lamp on the jaw of the massager which is helpful in the activation process of the cells. It has a host of benefits as follows: -

 At instant relief from Joints or Muscles pain.
 Improves Blood circulation.
 Get Relief from Stress.
 Relief from Cervical or lower back pain etc.